How did a simple Tattoo lead to such a horrible death?

This man should have listened to the warnings he was given after receiving his tattoo. It would have saved him his life.

Most people after getting a tattoo don’t pay much attention to the warnings they are given. Even less than that probably believe there is any serious harm that can be done by not properly caring for a fresh Tattoo. Unfortunately for this man from Texas, he probably didn’t think anything of it either which is what caused him to pick up a serious flesh eating bacteria.


5 Days after getting a new Tattoo, a 31 year old Texas man went into The Gulf of Mexico for a swim.

Tattoo leg


A few days after the swim a serious infection accompanied by a fever, chills, and bruising presented itself prompting a hospital visit.


While in the Hospital Doctors discovered the man had contracted a deadly Flesh Eating Disease which left him with enlarged sores, fluid under the skin and Hospital ridden for months.


During this few month stay the man’s condition worsened and he eventually passed away. 


Doctors did find out he was positive for Vibrio Vulnificus as well as having a preexisting liver condition which may or may not have played part in his fate.

It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful and you should always listen to warnings as well as take precautions after getting a new Tattoo. After all, it IS a lot of tiny open wounds. 







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