15 Lifehacks that will change your life

These 15 life hacks will have you rethinking how youve done a lot of things in your life. Unless you already knew of these things, in that case, how dare you not share it with the rest of us?


1. Wrapping paper hack

With the holidays coming up this Life Hack is sure to come in handy.


2. De-ice keyhole hack

Use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to de ice the keyholes of your car on those freezing cold days. The alcohol helps break up the ice in a matter of seconds.


3. Extension cord hack

This simple knot will save you from accidental unplugs.


4.  Fast food condiment hack

Very few know these containers are meant to be expanded hence their design. BOOM, you’re welcome.


5. Paint can hack

This simple painters hack will not only save you from a mess, but it will also save you a bit of paint as well.


6. Stuck zipper hack

This life hack is sure to save you from throwing out a few pairs of jeans. Graphite from a pencil works as a lubricant to unstick your zipper.


7. Multiplication Hack

This math hack is something schools should teach. Surely something I will be using on a daily basis.


8. Pub hack

Having worked at a bar, I can confirm this is true.


9. Emergency travel money hack

This hack is one that may be a life saver in some situations! Hiding money in a hollowed out chapstick tube is a great place! Nobody is going to steal your chapstick!


10.  Lost tiny item hack

Lose a tiny item? This hack is sure to save you a few hours of scouring the floor. Place a stocking over the end of a vacuum to find it easier.


11. Banana hack

Bananas go bad too quickly. Luckily this hack will help you keep your bananas fresh for a bit longer.


12. Airplane entertainment hack

This hack is sure to make your plane rides a bit less boring. Just pop your phone in a ziplock bag and place it like so.


13. Pizza warmer hack

Tired of your pizza getting a little cold on your drive home? If you’ve got a seat warmer, turn that baby on and keep your pizza nice and warm.


14. Shopping bag trash bin hack

Don’t throw those Walmart bags out! They double as a great trash liner for your bathroom or bedroom trash bin. Pop on these hooks and you’ll never have to pull the bag from the bottom of the trash again.


15. Charger cable hack

This old, but surprisingly underused hack is sure to save you from buying a few chargers every year. Just take a spring from an old pen and place it on your charger cable. No more overbending and broken wires. You’re welcome.

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